SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A group of Sacramento Charter High School students spent the day at UC Davis Medical Center Tuesday as part of a program designed to let students learn directly from medical professionals.

“I like that we finally get to have an actual field trip outside of school and we don’t have to have a lab just in our classroom,” Sacramento Charter High senior Ebony Jones said.

Their teacher Tamra Doty said the field trip goes hand-in-hand with her vision of the classroom and working directly with industry professionals.

“It makes a difference when you’re working in science really to be in an environment where you are in a laboratory and you’ve got the equipment they’re using in surgery and to give students some hands-on experience working with this. It’s motivating and inspiring,” Doty said.

A majority of teenagers participating are students of color. Educators hope this unique program will inspire them to seek careers they may not have previously felt comfortable pursuing.

“Oftentimes when you go to a medical environment or seek medical help, you don’t see someone that looks like you, and already you’re kind of on guard or curious,” Sacramento Charter High Dean of Culture and Instruction Christina Williams-James said. “So I think getting our students exposed to what medical fields helps to bring more familiar faces to the field, making people feel more comfortable, confident to seek that medical help because we all deserve that quality healthcare.”

While Jones has a few more years to decide what career path she’ll take, she was grateful to have the opportunity to meet with some of the medical industry’s best and brightest.

“Hearing their experiences makes it hopeful for me that I could do it one day,” Jones said “If I just believe in myself, I could just be what I want in the STEM field.”