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FOLSOM, Calif. (KTXL) — Sacramento County extends from the California Delta in the west to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in the east and the highest point in the county is a small residential intersection known as Carpenter Hill in the city of Folsom.

Folsom is at the very eastern end of Sacramento County, right along the border with El Dorado County, where the foothills start to rise and eventually lead to the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Because of that, the highest points in Sacramento County are to the east, close to the border with El Dorado County.

Highest Point Carpenter Hill Sacramento County
South of Folsom Lake are several residential neighborhoods, one of which includes Carpenter Hill.

The area around Carpenter Hill has been recently filled with more homes, changing the view from the actual highest point. The views of the sunset are popular with residents and teenagers from the area.

Carpenter Hill only has an elevation of 831 ft. above sea level, 17 times lower than the highest point in all of California, which is at 14,494 ft. at the peak of Mt. Whitney, but it continues to draw in visitors that know about this Sacramento County secret.