Historic Woodland Victorian Mansion up for Sale at $3.85M

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WOODLAND — Historic Woodland has its share of Victorian homes but nothing compares to the Gable Mansion, which is registered as a historic landmark.

Well, that iconic home is now looking for a new owner, and a well-heeled new owner given the price tag of $3.85 million.

In a town with agricultural roots, the Gable Mansion still commands attention by out of town visitors.

Its Victorian profile is unmistakable and it’s been kept in remarkable shape by the current occupant, who is only the third owner since it was built by a cattle rancher in 1885. It’s one of the finest examples of a Victorian home built in the 1880s that still exists, as most have fallen victim to fire, neglect, or simply weathering and old age.

But it’s also what’s inside that commands the high price tag.

At over 11,000 square feet, it has six bedrooms and baths, not counting separate guest quarters in a converted carriage house. It has an elevator, a home theater and an indoor continuous lap pool to go with the outdoor pool.

All the modern conveniences wrapped in Victorian splendor.

“So you have all of those layers. It gives you something that you don’t come across, really ever,” said Shea McGuire with McGuire Capital Group Realty.

Despite the apparent historical aura and luxury, McGuire said it’s a comfortable luxury.

“I’ve been there with my own children,” McGuire told FOX40. “If I had kids it’s not like you feel like the kids would get lost in the home. It’s a very safe feeling house.”

A comparable Victorian half the size in San Francisco goes for $8 to $11 million. Still at $3.85 million a lot of the marketing taking place in the Bay Area for those looking for a lifestyle change.

“Let’s slow down a little bit. Let’s enjoy nature. Let’s remember where our food came from. It’s kind of that heart of the farm to table movement that is in Yolo County,” McGuire said.”

That being said, McGuire, who has sold high-end Victorians before in the Valley, says she wouldn’t be surprised if a local stepped up.

“Just because they’re in their Wranglers and their cowboy boots doesn’t mean that they don’t have a high net worth,” McGuire said. “It wouldn’t be surprising to me if the next buyer came from Woodland and probably are born and raised and there’s an emotional component to this purchase.”

The current owner has made the home available for nonprofit events and tours, making the house very much a part of the community.

“I hope the next buyer kind of embraces that same openness of wanting to share it because it is important to the community,” McGuire said.

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