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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Sacramento’s homeless outreach program that utilizes more than two dozen RVs to house at-risk and COVID-19 patients at Cal Expo may be coming to end this month. 

According to a spokesperson for the city,  their contract with Cal Expo is up on May 30, which is causing many people to scramble and find other options. 

“One of the happiest moments I’ve had was coming here,” said Kayla Anthony. “I hadn’t went in yet. I sent my kids in first, and I just heard them in there, ‘Mom!’ They were very excited.” 

Since January, Anthony and her two children have been calling Cal Expo home, living in one of dozens of RV-style trailers that arrived in mid-April 2020. The trailers catered to high-risk and COVID-19 patients who were homeless. 

It’s a program Anthony says she’s thankful she found for her daughter who has a rare form cancer. 

“This is her second round of chemo,” Anthony explained. “They got rid of it for about two months, and then it came back stage four.” 

The program’s services gave people, like Anthony and her daughter, clean, temporary shelter with bathrooms and showers. It also gave them access to on-site medical services through the county’s Department of Health Services. 

But Anthony received the alarming news last month. 

“They gave us notices and told us to prepare for the program to end because they want to open the fair back up and get things going. And that was wrenching,” Anthony told FOX40. 

Anthony was also told the program had already been extended twice before. Thankfully, she says she was able to find last-minute lodging at the Salvation Army’s E. Claire Raley Transitional Living Center. 

But she says other families living at Cal Expo aren’t so lucky. 

“This facility, to close it would be a great injustice to these families here,” Anthony said. “I hope they can remain open. Because even though I’m leaving and I got a place, a lot of these people do not. And they’re good people and good families.” 

The program can be extended once more, but that has to be worked out between the city and Cal Expo by the end of the month. 

A city spokesperson says they will find other shelter options for families staying in the trailers and that includes the ongoing motel voucher program they provide.