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STOCKTON — A battle is brewing beyond the gates one of Stockton’s most exclusive neighborhoods over what to do with the private Brookside Golf and Country Club.

The Brookside Golf Community Association has a proposal that would increase fees for all homeowners in the gated community but not everyone is on board with the change.

Homeowners like Eleni Krieger say the empty greens and fairways are par for the course.

“The country club has lost a lot of its members in the las 10 years. Golf is declining,” Krieger said.

And with that, so is the revenue from the country club.

the Homeowner’s Association and the Brookside Country Club are proposing a new monthly HOA fee to all residents not just it’s members in order to raise funds.

According to The Record, only about 30 percent of homeowners are also country club members. This new proposal would change that.

“Our HOA is trying to change our CC&rR’s to reflect that all people living in here must be part of the country club and any new residents coming in would have to join the country club,” Krieger stated.

Now, the neighborhood is divided.

Yard signs for and against the proposed monthly fee can be found on nearly every street.

Krieger moved into the gated community 20 years ago and says membership at the club wasn’t required then and it shouldn’t be now.

“This is my retirement home. I’m on a fixed income. I’m retired now. I need to go back to work to take care of the country club? That’s what I’m hearing. That’s what I’m feeling,” Krieger stated.

She says paying an extra $50 a month quickly adds up and represents a 39 percent increase in HOA dues.

“We have no ability of knowing how or what they’re going to be spending the money on,” she said.

People who are for it say it’s necessary to protect their property values they believe would decline if the country club goes bankrupt.

but Krieger says it’s not the resident’s job, especially those who don’t golf or use the facility to bail the country club out.

“I think they should open it up to the entire Brookside Community and not make it mandatory make it something that is an opportunity for people,” Krieger said. “I’m sure there’s a lot of people that might want to golf at the country club and not just Swenson and Elkhorn.”

FOX40 reached out to the Brookside Country Club and the HOA for an interview but they both declined to comment.


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