‘Hope Among Us’: Cancer survivors share journey of friendship, motherhood and hope in new book

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Three breast cancer survivors stood together as friends, knowing exactly what the other was going through.

Jennifer Dresser, Rhonda Eyzaguirre and Mari Guzman all put on a brave face during their battles.

“Through dark times, sometimes we lost hope, but we get hope through others. … When I lost hope, they had the hope for me,” Guzman said.

The friends stood hand in hand with family to fight their way back into the sunshine after riding wave after wave. 

Now, they enter a new chapter of their lives to share the message that no matter what cancer fills your body or your life, there is hope. 

The three mothers documented their experiences in a new book: “Hope Among Us.”

“Writing is healing, and now, coming out with this book, I think it’s an opportunity for us to share our story with others,” Guzman said. “There were so many moments of weakness: of crying, of being in my room in the corner and not being sure I could stand strong again. But what I realized is we can have those weak moments, but it is so strong when you can get up and get out there — and that is strength.” 

“Hope Among Us” is pages of inspiration and examples of how these women pushed through fear, pain, shame and defeat to find on the other side there is relief, pride, triumph and most of all hope. 

“Now I’ve embraced my scars. I have many of them, but it just shows what I’ve been through,” Eyzaguirre shared.

“It’s OK to see me weak and bald and going through something hard because I will get to the other side,” Guzman said. “There is so much hope in being broken and putting yourself back together again.”

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