Hostage Suspect Likely on Meth during Standoff

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Sacramento Police are confident that toxicology reports will reveal that Xang Khang, who took hostages Saturday in a Folsom Boulevard Jack in the Box, was high on meth at the time.

“If we were to use it right now and we don’t have a relationship to it, we wouldn’t think about going out and hurting somebody. We would think let me help you clean your car tonight help me clean my house,” said John Daily, clincal director for ‘Recovery Happens’ in Fair Oaks and Davis.

Daily is talking about the deceptive sensory surge that lures the unsuspecting into a life on methamphetamines.

The high-energy productive cycle the drug creates in users quickly lapses into a dangerous string of sleepless days.

“They like to go on a run for three to seven days at time and when somebody’s without sleep for that long. Then, their thoughts get distorted,” said Daily.

With that distortion, paranoia. And with paranoia comes violence.

Perhaps the most infamous case  of meth-fueled violence is that of the Speed Freak Killers, Wesley Shremantine and Loren Herzog.

They have upwards of 20 bodies tied to their crime spree.

Experts say extreme sleep-deprivation and paranoia create a short-fuse in users and once it’s lit, “People develop a high tolerance to this drug quickly and they will do things that they never thought they would,” said Daily.

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