How the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority helped shape Harris’ journey to the vice presidency

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — While accepting her nomination for vice president, Kamala Harris honored some of the chosen family she says shaped her – the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority at Howard University.

“Family is my beloved Alpha Kappa Alpha, our Divine Nine and my HCBU brothers and sisters,” Harris said at the Democratic National Convention.

Once inaugurated, Harris will become the first woman and first person of Black and Indian descent to assume the vice presidency.

“We just celebrated 113 years of this beautiful organization,” Veronica Stinson, who belongs to Alpha Kappa Alpha, told FOX40.

The vice president-elect herself just tweeted about the anniversary with old pictures of her sorority days.

A fellow Bison, Stinson has never felt so understood by someone who will help lead the country.

“To know not only how we walked the same footsteps in the state of California, to be traveling to Howard University, walking the same grounds, basically the same grounds,” Stinson said. “We have both chosen the same organization and we both have dedicated our lives to a lifetime of service and now she is going to be serving in the highest office of the land. That is just amazing to me.”

Some might think so much talk about sorority connection so long after college is strange, especially as Harris takes on something as serious as the vice presidency, but for Black Greek letter organizations, becoming a member is not about four years of fun.

“It is truly a lifelong commitment, the service programs that we do,” Wanda Williams, president of the sorority’s Eta Gamma Omega chapter in Sacramento, told FOX40.

It’s the lifetime pledge to service that Williams says makes the organization stand out, and that she believes has added to Harris’ calling.

“When I think of our madam vice president-elect, I trust and I feel that she’s going to ensure that she doesn’t look out just for some, that she truly does look out for everyone. And that she will ensure that the service, the protection, the leadership is for the entire country,” Williams said. “And that gives me a great sense of pride.”

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