Huge Show of Support for Embattled Sacramento Brewery

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SACRAMENTO — The tables may have turned in the 12 Rounds Brewing Company controversy.

What was supposed to have been a protest of the East Sacramento business ended up spurring a huge show of support. This after the owner’s controversial comments about the women’s march, gays, illegal immigrants and Muslims came to light.

It’s 5:30 p.m. on a Thursday and 12 Rounds has a standing room only crowd, all with beers in their hands, some with T-shirts to go. Not bad for a business under boycott.

“We shouldn’t bombard a small business and try to shut them down, that’s not America”, said 12 Rounds supporter Jeff Miller.

While about 50 packed inside in support, six rallied outside in protest.

“Well I was a patron here, I’ve come here a lot, love their beer, but I can’t support hate,” said protester Adele Sakler.

Though small, the group with the “Love is Love Movement” echoed a message that hundreds of others are blasting across social media.

“I’m actually grateful that he put that out there, now I can make an informed decision to boycott his establishment,” said Sakler.

The drama began Monday night, when Daniel Murphy, who co-owns 12 Rounds with his wife Elle, posted on his personal Facebook page that he was disgusted by people who supported the women’s march. The post was shared widely online and the backlash was swift and fierce. Critics dug up other posts where Murphy appears to target illegal immigrants, Muslims and gays.

“That’s his right to say those things, but there’s consequences to what you say. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you,” said Sakler.

However, it looks like new hands are stepping in.

“I didn’t even know about this brewery, but I heard about the protest, and I came out to support them,” said Miller.

Murphy’s wife and business partner, Elle, didn’t want to be interviewed but told us she is handling the business while her husband steps away for a time. The couple apologized via the 12 Rounds Facebook page, asking their customers for another chance.

“I think he learned his lesson, I hope he survives this,” said Kyle Mickiewicz, a regular patron.

As the only regular customer we spoke with, Mickiewicz said 12 Rounds looked four times as busy as usual. Full of many inspired to try out the place for the first time.

“He needs the support of the people who agree with him,” said Bob Roehrs.

Owner Daniel Murphy issued a statement which reads in part:

“I am taking a short time off to reflect on the events of the past few days. In a couple of weeks, I will come out to the media and talk on camera.”

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