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SACRAMENTO — Hundreds attended a pro-President Trump rally at McKinley Park Saturday and marched to Sutter’s Fort.

“We’re doing this in honor of our veterans, our first responders, police department, firemen, you name it,” said Alicia Peterson, who leads the Northern California MAGA March, which stands for President Trump’s signature campaign slogan, Make American Great Again. “This is a nationwide event, all states at the same place at the same time.”

Participants adapted to a shorter march to Sutter’s Fort after Peterson said their permit to go to the state capitol was revoked possibly over concerns of clashing with anti-Trump protesters.

“It would have been nice to go to the capitol, but also we don’t want to break any laws, you know we want to keep it peaceful,” said Jeff Woodbridge, a Trump supporter who traveled from Modesto.

And a large number of police and private security were there to make sure things remained peaceful.

Although one or two Sacramentans expressed their dislike of the rally, the neighbors at McKinley Park told FOX40 that, besides the political message, they didn’t have any issues with this rally.

“Not that I agree with what they had to say, but they’ve peacefully assembled, at least here,” said one neighbor.

“I almost wore my Bernie Sanders shirt but I’m glad I didn’t…and I like that it’s a peaceful protest, so that’s good,” said Selena Kuikahi, who was walking through McKinley Park Saturday.

When it comes to the 45th president, those who march say they just want one thing from Californians.

“Just let the guy do his job, come on, give him a chance,” said Travis Hughes, a Trump supporter who traveled from Modesto for Saturday’s march.

Peterson said she and other organizers did take a collection during their rally for homeless veterans. Sacramento police estimated the size of the crowd was more than 250 people, but could not provided FOX40 with an exact number.