Hundreds of homeless await decision in Marysville, Yuba County encampment clearing lawsuit

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YUBA COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL ) — A couple dozen homeless people went to a Yuba County Board of Supervisors meeting to see if a tentative agreement to settle a federal class-action suit for $330,000 would be approved.

The board got a legal briefing in closed session but took no action. However, board members did not challenge the settlement either, which was a good sign for many in attendance.

“It’s not the money that really matters to me, it’s just justice being done for my people,” said Raelynn Butcher.

Butcher was a primary plaintiff after losing her trailer and all her belongings.

There are around 200 claimants and after attorneys’ fees, some will get more than others if the agreement is finalized. Several hundred dollars is a likely, average amount.

“They’ve been stuck here, so now maybe with a little bit of money we’ll be able to get them home,” Butcher told FOX40.

Several hundred homeless campers’ makeshift homes were knocked down four years ago at an area called Hollywood Park in Marysville.

Other sites in Yuba County got the same treatment by officials worried about sanitation and crime problems.

Beth Smith told FOX40 she was not allowed to get her things during cleanup day.

“They told me that, ‘Don’t go back down there or you’ll get arrested,'” she explained. “I had a trailer. I had a generator, strollers, bikes, and they all ran it over.”

John Green said he lost vehicles, trailers, tools and more. He was hoping his claim will mean a fresh start.

“It’ll help get off the street, get a motor home or something that’s legal and everything that they can’t take,” he said.

The lawsuit also asked that local entities stop enforcing no-camping laws and declare a shelter crisis. So far, that is not part of the tentative agreement.

The monetary settlement must be signed off by all sides before it is final and there could be changes before that happens.

Yuba County and the city of Marysville are not commenting on issues still in litigation.

Homeless people continue to live in Hollywood Park. It may once again be up to the courts to decide whether they can remain there and for how long.

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