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The Latest – Wednesday, Dec. 15:

7:13 a.m.

According to SMUD, power has been restored for more than 500 customers in downtown Sacramento. Another 800 customers remain without power, with no word on when their power will be restored.

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A building housing hundreds of senior residents was evacuated Tuesday after a downtown fire caused a power outage in the area, rendering the building’s fire suppression system unsafe.

According to a local social services group, Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency Edgewater Senior Property on I Street lost all power due to the fire at a SMUD power substation earlier in the day.

Sacramento Fire Department Capt. Keith Wade said they received multiple calls that residents’ oxygen devices were without electricity due to the outage.

Several residents were taken to the hospital for further oxygen delivery. Wade said there were no life-threatening conditions and everyone is stable.

Fire officials evacuated the 12-story building with 250 to 300 residents inside due to the fire suppression system being without power and non-functioning rendering it unsafe.

“If your power is out in your residence, and you’re dependent on a suppression system, like this building with the high rise, it’s very dangerous to burn candles at this point. Please use flashlights if you have them so that you can see. Use the lights on your phone. And burning candles in these types of environments can be dangerous because we don’t want a fire to spark, especially if a suppression system is not functioning,” advised Wade.

Transportation and shelters are being opened for the residents of the building until power is restored.

Sacramento Regional Transit is providing transportation for evacuees.

City Hall is the main shelter due to the established warming centers having food, water, power outlets and bathrooms available.

City of Sacramento officials said the most medically frail are being placed in motels by SHRA.

The City’s Office of Emergency Management is receiving support/mutual aid from the County’s Office of Emergency Services and the Red Cross.

FOX40 received the following statement from the Red Cross:

At the request of the City of Sacramento, the local American Red Cross chapter is providing sheltering expertise by way of trained volunteers, along with cots and blankets for those seeking shelter at Sacramento City Hall, 915 I St in Sacramento.

The Red Cross, in cooperation with the City of Sacramento stands ready to assist anyone who needs to stay overnight at the shelter location at City Hall.

American Red Cross

Wade said the residents are allowed to go elsewhere if they have the means to do so.

Wade said SMUD is still actively working on fixing the issues to get power back on and the repair could take 24-48 hours.

*Note: The Red Cross sent an updated statement to FOX40 on Wednesday morning to correct a statement about evacuation orders.