REDDING, Calif (KTXL) — Redding couple Gary and Patti Reitemeyer returned to their home in Redding after a trip to Sacramento to find hundreds of black swallows had turned their home into aviary.

For over 14 hours the Bechelli Lane home began to fill with birds as the Reitermeyer’s neighbor contacted the couple letting them know that at least 20 birds were in their home earlier in the day.

Gary Reitemeyer said he attempted to grab the birds with his hands to get them out of the home, but ended up hiring ServPro to remove the birds which took three hours.

Unfortunately, the Reitemeyer’s 30-year-long place of residence is currently uninhabitable and they will be living with their daughter in Sacramento until they can safely return to the home.

“You can’t get all that bird stuff out of the furniture,” Gary explained to KRCR. “So all of the furniture is gone, all of the carpet is gone, the blinds are gone…everything. Everything is gone.”

The Reitermeyer’s are facing approximately $20,000 in damages and according to the Reitermeyer’s their homeowners insurance, through State Farm, will not cover the damages caused by the birds.

According to the Reitermeyer’s, State Farm said there is an “exclusion” on their policy in regard to birds.