Hundreds of Unique $1 Bills Stolen from Amador County Pub

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DRYTOWN — The Drytown Club sits right off Highway 49 and it’s known to locals and tourists for good beer and a good time.

“I’ve been here 15 years and people come in. You know, I’m a roadhouse, people hit me up on their way somewhere or on their way back,” said owner Allen Frank.

Frank says over that time people covered the ceiling and walls with handwritten notes on $600 worth of $1 bills.

“They’re all sentimental dollars. They’re from all over the world,” Frank told FOX40. “They put their money up and some of them come back six years later and show their friends, ‘Hey, there’s my dollar.'”

Friday after Thanksgiving, Frank came to open the bar and noticed thieves had not only stolen several of his prized guitars but also took nearly every single bill that was pinned to the ceiling or taped to the walls.

“If they were just to bring the money back and bring my guitars back and leave them here and go away and never come back that would be fine,” Frank said.

While Frank says he uses the guitars to help him make a living, he’s most hurt by all the stolen memories.

“To have somebody come in like that and take a piece of your life like that, it’s just not right,” he said.

People in Drytown are now rallying around the club. Since word got out about the theft loyal customers have already come in to start adding new bills to the collection.

“They may knock us down but we’ll get right back up again,” Frank said.

The owner says he’s planning a big birthday bash and dollar night on Dec. 15. He’s hoping to have a couple hundred new bills up after that.

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