Husky Puppy Stolen From Modesto Home, Family Says

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MODESTO – A Modesto family says their 6-month-old, all white husky puppy was stolen from their home Saturday.

Justin, who chose not to disclose his last name, is a husband, father of three and the owner of Kia.

“She brought a lot of happiness here to this house,” he said.

Kia is a bright spot for the family that has been going through a rough time since November of last year.

“A guy fell asleep in his truck and hit me and flipped me six times. And my legs somehow came out of the car and the truck ended up on my legs, crushing both of my legs,” Justin explained.

That bright spot is now darkened after neighbors say they witnessed a couple take off with Kia.

The dog was laying on the side of the home after somehow getting out of the family’s backyard.

“They said that they saw the dog outside, and a lady and a guy pulled up in a silver car,” Justin said.

A neighbor told FOX40 the couple asked her who the dog belonged to and when she told them it was her neighbor’s, they picked up the dog and walked to Justin’s front door as if they were going to return it — but that didn’t happen.

“I was sitting downstairs and I didn’t hear the doorbell or anyone knock,” Justin said.

Justin’s neighbor says she then saw the couple take off with the dog.

“It’s heartbreaking. You know, we worked with the dog and the dog became part of the family and for someone just to take it that quick, it was really heartbreaking,” Justin said.

Justin says even though they’ve only had Kia for six weeks, she already means a lot to him and his family and they’re worried for her safety.

“I don’t know if they’re not feeding her, giving her water. It’s hot out here. Leaving her in the car or beating on her or anything,” Justin said.

He’s now pleading to the public to be on the lookout for their puppy.

His kids even offering to use their own allowance money to offer a $100 reward to whoever returns Kia.

“If anyone sees it or anything just please, bring it back,” Justin said.

If you see Kia or know where she could be, you can contact Modesto police at 209-572-9500.


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