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ROCKLIN, Calif. (KTXL) — Learning loss is an issue that was made worse by the pandemic, and schools are looking for ways to make sure students who’ve fallen behind are up to grade level.

Parker Whitney Elementary School in Rocklin has dedicated an entire team to get students back on track. 

The elementary school returned from hybrid learning earlier than most schools in fall 2020.

Still, principal Kari Auwae said they found students were struggling with even the basic concepts of math.

“We’re seeing first and second graders who don’t know how to do that one-to-one correspondence and count one object, two objects, three objects,” Auwae explained. “So, we’re really going back a few years in the curriculum standards and really starting there and then building them up again.”

The pandemic exacerbated the problem, but in a way, it also provided the solution.

The school took increased funding from the state and created a new position, with a full-time teacher dedicated to learning recovery. 

That teacher works with two full-time aids, working solely on learning recovery throughout the day with 21 different groups across seven different class times.

“It’s way easier because there’s only a couple of kids and isn’t as crowded,” third grader Kyndall Staggs told FOX40. “I don’t get as distracted.”