‘I don’t want to see anybody dead’: Stockton neighbors react after police officer, man killed in shooting

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STOCKTON, Calif. (KTXL) — Neighbors along La Cresta Way in Stockton were shocked and saddened by a shooting that left two people, including a police officer, dead.

“Out of nowhere just, you just hear gunshots like 30 just going off,” said witness Mark Lupsa. “It kind of sad, you know, made my day sad, you know, to see somebody lose their life out there.”

One neighbor who identified himself only as David said he heard the shooting while listening to police scanners and raced to the scene. 

“And listening to the voice of the officer. Now he’s saying, calling for help, help, because his partner was unresponsive,” David explained. “And I heard that said at least three times, you know, get the medics here now, his partner is unresponsive.”

David shared video with FOX40 of the chaotic scene unfolding. 

“Driver’s side door window shot out, I mean it was still there but it was shattered,” he told FOX40.

People could only watch as their homes and cars were blocked off by crime scene tape that covered their neighborhood as more police flooded the area throughout the day. 

The officer and the other man were rushed to the hospital where they both later died from their injuries. 

“I don’t want to see anybody dead,” David said. “Not civilians, nobody.”

Neighbors told FOX40 what happened Tuesday morning is sad and that the shooting doesn’t just affect the two people killed and their families, it impacts everyone in the community.

“First time I’ve seen that. Yeah, it’s crazy,” Lupsa said.

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