(KTXL) — Louis Riccardi, his wife, their dog Tango, and three cats, lived along the Klamath River, but the McKinney Fire burned down their home and took their livelihood.

Before the McKinney Fire, they were working on restoring an old golf course on Walker Road.

“We were going to have somebody come out and do the sod and the turf on a couple of the holes next month,” Louis Riccardi said.

Committed to keeping his house safe, Riccardi stayed as long as he possibly could.

“It was 38 minutes from the time the first tree lit and until I literally like I wanted to stay. I was just afraid to die honestly. The fire was still hundreds of yards away and it was like so hot I couldn’t breathe,” Riccardi said.

There was one thing that kept him going and encouraged him to get to safety.

“120% my wife, you know, if not for her, then I think I surely would have stayed,” Riccardi said.

His home was one of the 87 residences destroyed and 132 total structures destroyed by the McKinney Fire. Now the rebuilding efforts begin.

“It’s gonna take time but one thing that I really love about this community is that it’s really hard-working and really good people,” Riccardi said.

For those interested in donating to help the Riccardi family rebuild their house, click here.