SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The owner and creator of Impound Comics in downtown Sacramento is getting ready to launch a Kickstarter campaign for a movie based on his character Impound.

In hopes of producing a live-action movie, ‘Impound’ creator Brent Trayce Sands partnered with Sacramento director Mikey Rare to film a live-action teaser for a potential film based on “Sacramento’s first superhero.” 

A 36-second teaser was released on the Impound Comics YouTube page on Wednesday. A full trailer is expected to drop on Feb. 28. There’s a message to the public about joining the Kickstarter campaign at the end of the teaser. 

In an interview with FOX40 on Friday, Sands discussed the launch of the movie’s Kickstarter campaign.

“The Kickstarter that we have up is still only in pre-launch,” Sands said. “The full launch is on Feb. 28. So right now, you could sign up, subscribe and be ready to get the notification when it does launch. We would like the audience to be as big as possible right now, so when it launches, it goes viral.”       

The first ‘Impound’ book was released in November 2020, while the Impound Comics storefront at DOCO had its grand opening in August. 

Sands said Impound Comics is releasing a book introducing a new character named Lady Monarch in February. 

“She’s the new, strong female representation of our city,” Sands said about the new character. “I think of her as the rebirth of the Sacramento Monarchs.” 

Sands said he’s always been a writer, but was inspired to start creating comics after watching Marvel’s “Black Panther,” a movie that was directed by Sacramento State alum Ryan Coogler. 

“It was really inspiring to see him go that far in the comic book industry,” Sands said.