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Most of us are familiar with the way most Christian Churches advertise themselves.

Then there’s the message Melissa and Tim Wright got on their home answering machine.

“To learn why you’re going to hell if you’re not a member of our church,” the message begins.

That’s right, it was a robocall threatening the Wrights with eternal damnation.

“I was surprised to hear that I was going to hell,” Melissa Wright said.

And her mortal soul was bound for the fiery pit, it told her, if she didn’t join one particular church. A telephone church.

“I was offended in one way, angry in another way,” Tim Wright said.

It’s all part of spiritual marketing campaign by a man named Pastor Ramon Wilson.
And he makes no apologies.

“The Bible tells you that your words- the words of the people of God- are supposed to be as sharp as a double edge sword,” Pastor Wilson told FOX40.

Wilson believes the practice of Christianity has become corrupt throughout history. And he believes he’s been blessed by God uniquely to see the corruption, and fix it.

“Everyone knows that Christmas is a known Pagan Holiday. It’s a tree worshiping holiday,” Wilson gives as an example of how Christianity has gone astray.

But the call didn’t make Melissa Wright curious about the church. It made her mad.

“It’s unacceptable having someone robocall me and tell me I’m going to hell if I don’t join it,” said said.

She was especially incensed at the idea of a child picking up the phone, and hearing the message.

“When Jesus and his disciples went around telling people they need to repent, they did nothing but cold-calling. They walked up to stranger and told them about it,” Wilson said.

Wilson says the freedoms available in America make this a unique time in history, and make his church possible. He says freedom of religion and freedom of speech protect his proselytizing.

But Melissa Wright says she’s on the “No Call” list, and she believes someone’s else’s right to free speech in her home isn’t absolute.