Injured Firefighters Get Back to Work Thanks to Sacramento Rehabilitation Center

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SACRAMENTO — Outside of professional athletes, first responders may just be the most often injured while on the job and like athletes, they often face a grueling rehab process.

The training regimen at Results Sports Institute in Sacramento is specifically designed to help firefighters who have suffered injuries on duty and get them ready for the grueling challenges they will face when they return to work.

“Just because it is so specialized and so I feel confident going back to return to full duty,” said firefighter Jonathan Pryor.

“I have to know and be able to trust my body and know that it is going to hold up for me,” said firefighter in training Kendall Adams.

“These guys are very active. They are more on the sports side of profession versus a desk job,” said the program’s designer, Dan MacLean. “So, we want to treat them and rehab them like the athletes they are. In order to do that we have to understand the demands of their job.”

MacLean donned full fire gear and went through the same routines at the firefighter academy in Roseville.

“The more that we can simulate these job duties within the rehab setting, the more confidence we can give them that they’ll be able to do their job again,” he explained.

“He’s worn the equipment, he knows what it feels like,” Adams said. “So to have him be able to understand that and kind of the mindset of us of just wanting to get back to work, and this means so much to us. That’s what I really like about it.

Adams has about two months to go on an ACL tear suffered at the academy.

This week, Pryor is returning to his active duty after completing eight months of rehabilitation on a tendon tear in his ankle.

“A lot’s on the line with our job, you know,” Pryor told FOX40. “The public calls for us to help them and you never know what situation you’re going to be put in but you’re expected to perform at that high level.”

“Injuries can be more mental than you’d think they would be because your body will most likely hold up and mentally it’s very scary,” Adams said.

The program at Results Sports Institute is a partnership between the training facility and Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District.


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