SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The California primary election may see a historic low voter turnout, according to two political consultants that spoke with FOX40.

“You need something in the ballot that leads,” Ed Emerson, a Democratic political consultant, said to FOX40. “There were no statewide initiatives. There were no real controversial local initiatives.”

Tim Rosales, a Republican political consultant, said the recall election may have influenced voter turnout.

“I think the recall sucked all the energy out of the room,” Rosales told FOX40.

Rosales and Emerson also commented on the race for California attorney general.

“I think (Anne Marie Schubert) took a real risk,” Emerson said.

Schubert, who is the district attorney for Sacramento County, filed as no party preference in the race for California attorney general.

“The biggest predictor of how people vote is their partisan registration,” Rosales said. “People do put — If you’re Republican, they put you in a certain box. If you’re a Democrat, they put you in a certain box.”

Emerson and Rosales said they believe Schubert could still have had a chance even if she ran as a Republican.

“Public safety is top of mind,” Rosales.

Emerson and Rosales talked to Nikki Laurenzo and Eric Harryman about the California primary and other things to look out for the night of the primary election.