Interview: Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn discusses the protests

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — FOX40’s Bridgette Bjorlo interviewed Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn Sunday about the protests in Sacramento. 

For the most part, demonstrations during the day have remained largely peaceful, according to Hahn.

But when the sun goes down, Hahn said the protests in Sacramento take a violent turn.

Seven police officers were injured Friday night after protesters threw bricks and concrete in the officers’ direction.

On Saturday, clashes erupted even further with a number of incidents of vandalism that included windows smashed, stores looted and rocks hurled at police.

In response, Hahn and his officers and sheriff’s deputies used less-lethal force.

He said the protests they’ve seen the past two nights are unlike any the city has seen before.

“We’re used to protests. We’re used to dealing with protests but last night is something we’ve never seen before,” said Hahn. “I think it’s very similar to what we’ve seen across the country. I think there was a faction of the folks protesting yesterday that was organized, that were intent on causing damage and injury, especially to officers, and looting our local businesses. That faction didn’t seem to care at all about our city or the topic they were protesting.”

The chief also said he understands that people are angry and frustrated right now, following the in-custody death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Hahn said he was also upset after watching the video that sparked the national outcry.

The chief calling the incident “horrific.”

“It’s a troubling incident. It’s a troubling death and I think most officers would look at that, just know that there’s a police officer that wears a badge, maybe not the same color uniform or badge you do, but it’s part of your profession that you just can’t explain and you just can’t understand how that could possibly happen and why he would be so callous and do that to another human being,” said Hahn.

The chief said his own department has been criticized in the past for incidents of perceived police brutality and they are focused on getting better and have increased their training and outreach to improve relations with the community.


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