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Five semi-trucks in a West Sacramento truck repair yard were damaged or destroyed by a fire Sunday morning.

And if that sounds familiar to you, there’s a good reason.

“We had a similar type fire in the north part of town off of F Street,” said Battalion Chief Scott Pfeifer, of West Sacramento Fire.

It was another overnight fire, just little more than a month ago in another West Sacramento truck yard, just three miles away.

Four trucks were destroyed, causing $400,000 in damage.

“If somebody did it intentionally, it’s sad to see people go to that extent, you know?” said Amar Singh, of SMT Repair Services, where this weekend’s fire burned at least three trucks to the ground.

Singh and his brother have a lot of pride in the repair business they run here. They are waiting to hear from fire investigators whether this was arson.

But while they wait, Singh says their thoughts are on the customers whose rigs are now just smoldering heaps — those rigs so much more than just a way to get stuff from one place to another.

“Livelihood, yeah. People say trucking is the back bone of America. To have somebody do that, not just to one truck, but to five different trucks, is outrageous,” Singh said.