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Felines and freedom are frequently up for discussion in the Rolls-Auxer household, but these days the latter is really tough to talk about for two tea partiers in Elk Grove who feel the rights of citizens are being trampled on this country.

For them, the IRS scandal is just the latest example.

“‘I’m sorry’ doesn’t do it.  It’s not something they went oops over and did one day. That’s something that was going on.  It’s not a mistake,” said Donna Rolls.

What was going on was extra scrutiny given to 501(c)(4) applications for tea party groups and other conservative organizations that wanted tax-exempt status from the feds.

That amounted to delay, and the groups claim, discrimination and lost donations.

There’s been outrage from President Obama over claims that the IRS targeted conservative groups.

A watchdog group will release documents supposedly showing proof of  the additional reviews.

An IRS official admitted the agency made mistakes in the past few years with tax-exempt status applications submitted by groups with the words “tea party” or “patriot” in their names.

As a business owner who’s had to be accountable for everything that happened under his watch, Guy Auxer doesn’t understand what he sees as the president distancing himself from oversight of the IRS.

“We have to get back to a point where we are personally responsible.  The president needs to stand up and say he’s personally responsible for what’s going on with Benghazi and with the IRS and he needs to take action,” said Auxer.

The president is promising to hold the Internal Revenue Service accountable if it’s proven that application hold-up was politically-motivated.

Auxer and Rolls believe it’s very likely that it was.

They say President Nixon was run out of Washington on accusations of misusing the IRS and they feel the current case is far worse.

“We can only assume that the IRS is going after the tea party or conservatives or people that call themselves patriots is nothing more than going after an enemies list,” said Auxer.

A congressional hearing about this IRS scandal is expected by the end of the week.

The ‘Sutter Buttes Tea Party Patriots’ is just one local group that’s been waiting for its tax-exempt status for several years.

Local Tea Party members will be watching the hearing very closely.