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Scammers in Davis have been impersonating IRS agents and Davis Police Officers demanding money from the victims they call.

The Davis Police Department received a call from a woman stating that a person claiming to be an IRS agent called her, demanding she pay money to avoid arrest. When the victim hung up, she immediately received a call from someone impersonating an officer.

The caller told the victim she needed to cooperate with the IRS, or she would be arrested. The phone number on the victim’s caller ID showed the actual Davis Police Department phone number, but she recognized the calls as a scam.

The Davis Police Department sent out a message stating the department “is not a collection agency and does not collect fines or money owed to the IRS.”

They also state that if you receive a similar suspicious phone call, request a name and badge number, then hang up and call the Davis Police Department to request to speak to the officer to confirm the identity.