Is Being A Locksmith A Dangerous Job?

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They typically accompany police officer or sheriff’s deputy during evictions, and as we saw in Galt and Modesto recently, it can become dangerous or even deadly.

Yet most don’t typically believe being a locksmith is a dangerous job.

“It can be,” argued Glenn Eddings, a locksmith for the last 32 years.

He works a lot at night, and not always in the best situations.

“Sometimes it’s like the movie ‘War Of The Roses.’  The man will call and want to change the locks on the wife.  Then the wife will call and want to change the locks on the husband,” Eddings said. “And other times its someone upset because they didn’t pay a bill and they are being forced to leave.”

If the situation calls for it, police or sheriff’s deputies are supposed to clear the scene first, then let the Locksmith do his or her job.

“I used to get nervous,” explained Eddings.  “But I call ahead every time.  I let the person know exactly why I’m coming and what I’m going to be doing.  If there are any bad feelings then I take precautions.”

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