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A sharpie in the wrong hands can create a parent’s nightmare! Little Gabby was caught in the middle of her latest artistic expression, and the resulting video is going viral.

Gabriella had gotten her hands on a sharpie marker, and used it to draw around her eye and down her cheek. After being questioned by her mother, little Gabby lifts up her hand to reveal she has colored most of it black with the sharpie.

Scroll down to watch the whole encounter.

“Do you like to look like that? Is that pretty?” And Gabriella shakes her head yes. “So you want me to leave it like that?” Again, the young girl shakes her head yes.

FOX40 asked Kristie what every parent wanted to know, how did she remove the marker? Neutrogena oil-free make-up remove, she told us. FOX40 gave her washable markers and a coloring book, for her future artistic moments.

When asked who gave her the marker, she mentions her brother, Will. Even pointing at him when asked. But Will denied it. Turns out, her father got her the sharpie.