‘It brings more life’: Yuba City, Marysville look to make outdoor dining permanent

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MARYSVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) – The recent heat wave is not discouraging city officials in Yuba City and Marysville from making emergency outdoor dining rules permanent. 

Business is bustling at the 2 Bits Café in Yuba City. Some customers told FOX40 they prefer dining outdoors when the weather permits. 

“I like it because it keeps you away from the crowds, you just have more privacy and you get some fresh air,” explained 2 Bits Café customer Sarah Chavez.

The cafe used take-out orders, deliveries, serving subsidized meals to seniors and outdoor dining to survive the pandemic. 

Yuba City’s proposal to revise and extend its outdoor dining regulations to help restaurant operators is welcome. 

“I definitely want to explore every option into fitting everybody’s needs,” said 2 Bit Café owner Benjamin Saracco. “I have extra tables for anyone who wants to eat outdoors.”

In Marysville, city officials are also thinking about extending emergency outdoor dining regulations much to the delight of at least one businesses owner.

Heather Thompson owns the Brick Coffee House Café. She is extending her outdoor dining space from a patio into the street in time for the revived Peach Festival this week. 

She told FOX40 allowing street dining permanently would be a huge plus and not just for restaurants. 

“People driving through the neighborhood will see activity outside and out front and be more likely to stop and pull over and come and shop downtown,” Thompson said.

Other Marysville businesses are buying into the idea, constructing curbside parklets even after the pandemic. 

Officials in both cities are still laying down rules on food safety, pedestrian access and traffic safety. For example, Marysville has required concrete barriers for street-side venues. 

Customers told FOX40 that a more festive outdoor vibe can help a struggling downtown Marysville. 

“It brings more life,” explained Brick House customer Jamie Risenhoover. “It’s very appealing and relaxing. I prefer to eat outdoors.”

More people are looking outside venues as one of the few positives brought on by the pandemic. 

“We are grateful for the city for allowing it but now that we’ve had it, I think everyone’s seen value in extending outside dining,” Risenhoover said.

New permanent outdoor dining regulations could be approved in Yuba City at the next city council meeting. 

Marysville could follow suit in a few months. 

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