‘It hit me hard’: Stockton man says he was a skeptic before contracting COVID-19

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STOCKTON, Calif. (KTXL) — Once a skeptic, a Stockton man is now a survivor of the novel coronavirus. 

“I was one of those guys who thought it was a conspiracy and it hit me hard,” Angelo Torres told FOX40. “It slaps you.”

Torres learned to take his life in stride after dealing with the coronavirus, which has killed 55 people in San Joaquin County. 

“What you gotta take from this kind of pandemic is do what you love. You really don’t have time to waste,” said Torres. “At times, I thought that I wasn’t going to make it through.” 

Just months ago, Torres said he didn’t take COVID-19 seriously. 

“Really was negligent to the news and not really paying attention to anything, you know?” said Torres. “Not really thinking it would affect me — ever.”

It wasn’t until he came back from a work trip on the East Coast that he began to feel something was wrong. 

“When I started to feel the pains, the body aches that I’ve never felt before, that’s when it clicked,” explained Torres. 

A test later confirmed what Torres suspected. He had COVID-19.

Torres said his once flippant attitude grew into real concern because of his diabetes. 

“Of course, I was nervous. I didn’t really know what to do,” said Torres. 

On top of the physical ordeal, he was emotionally wrecked. 

But he said sharing his story on social media and through his music helped him recover. 

“I took it as … my audience from my social media is what made me really get through it,” said Torres. 

No longer the same person, Torres is now urging people to protect one another. 

“Take it serious. Like, whether you’re not going to take it serious for yourself, take it serious for the people who feel it, who are scared. Because there are people out there who are scared,” said Torres. “People have died from this.”

Once a self-described workaholic, he said he learned his life is more than a paycheck. Instead, he said it’s about the people and the art he loves. 

“Family’s important. Doing what I love is important. Things that make me happy or the smaller things now, you know?” said Torres. 

Torres said he was quarantined for 27 days. If you know someone who has COVID-19, he advises you to check in on them because encouraging words helped him recover and may help someone you know. 

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