‘It hurts’: Folsom ice rink shuts down for repairs after $30K worth of equipment damaged, stolen

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FOLSOM, Calif. (KTXL) — A popular holiday tradition in Folsom is on ice after tens of thousands of dollars of equipment were stolen and damaged.

Folsom’s Historic District ice rink sat empty Wednesday as workers rushed to make the necessary repairs.

“It hurts,” manager Gabe Bryan told FOX40. “We really thought we had a fighting chance. Within the first couple of days, we had $30,000 worth of tubing stolen.”

On top of the stolen equipment, surveillance video shows people trespassing and damaging tubes that keep the ice cold.

“That red liquid is actually glycol,” Bryan explained. “When they come out here and slash these tubes and we are not here to catch them immediately, it’s almost costing us $1,000 a minute to get out there and get this stuff.”

Workers have been working around the clock to fix the damage.

“Doing 18-to-22-hour days,” Bryan said.

Another hurdle the workers must overcome is getting the supplies to make repairs during a global supply chain slowdown.

“We got out and call the usual companies and they say, ‘Hey we can’t help you out for a couple of weeks to a couple of months in some cases,’” Bryan said. “We hit 22 Home Depots last week to track down some of the SharkBite connectors we have out here.”

This year marks the family-run business’ 10-year anniversary.

The rink was slated to open nearly a week ago. Customers like Jeff Madrigal wondered why the delay and was sadden once he heard the reason.

“These guys have been working hard on it. Hopefully, God willing, it opens up pretty soon,” Madrigal said.

Bryan said they are working toward that goal.

“We are trying our best out here,” Bryan said.

It is not known who damaged or stole the equipment.

Bryan asked people to not come out to the rink until it is ready. And if they can start making ice soon, they are shooting to open Saturday night.

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