NORTH HIGHLANDS, Calif. (KTXL) — Concerned neighbors came together Monday in a North Highlands neighborhood after a burglar killed a homeowner with his own gun. 

Residents in the neighborhood near Greenlawn and Wallaby ways told FOX40 the area is usually quiet.

“I lived in this neighborhood for two years and a few months. Since I moved, there was only one other time where something happened, but otherwise, we know all the neighbors, it’s a friendly neighborhood,” said neighbor Vasiliy Sagan. “It’s just a really safe place to live, but then once in a while, this stuff happens, and then it becomes a little scary.”

Neighbors said the suspect was breaking into cars on Wallaby Way when he took a left onto Greenlawn Way and went into the backyard of a home next to an alley connecting Greenlawn Way to Frizell Avenue. 

Investigators said the crook then broke into a gun safe in a back-house shed.

At that point, the homeowner confronted the intruder in the shed, and that’s when the fatal shots were fired.

The shooter ran and the homeowner was rushed to the hospital with at least two gunshot wounds to his upper body. He died hours later at the hospital.

Neighbors told FOX40 that the victim had a wife and children.

“Yeah, that’s just, that’s bad. I mean, it’s sad,” said neighbor Michael Alvarado. “And I’m sorry, it just doesn’t seem right. I’m very shocked, very, very shocked.” 

Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputies are still searching for a suspect who was last seen on Greenlawn Way near Harrison Street.

Investigators spent over 12 hours investigating the area, taking photos and talking to residents.

If anyone has any information about the shooting, they are asked to call the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office.