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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A couple of drivers are lucky to be alive according to a woman whose apartment was crashed into in the Pocket neighborhood of Sacramento.

The Memorial Day holiday started as a hot, beautiful morning at the Sacramento Zoo for Marlene Henry and her grandson.

“We were eating our yummy French fries, as he calls them, and we had our ice cream,” Henry said.

She told FOX40 that she then noticed her neighbor had sent her a picture.

“And it was a car in my bedroom,” Henry said with a laugh.

The apartment bedroom Henry had been sleeping in for two years had become a pile of rubble, after authorities say a silver pickup hit another vehicle while driving east on Riverside Boulevard.

The force of the crash caused the vehicles to veer off the road, hit a third car, miss a large tree by a few inches and crash into Henry’s apartment.

“Destroyed the chair, destroyed the nightstand. The lamp was OK. The lamp must have flown,” Henry said pointing out different spaces in the damaged apartment. 

But instead of rushing back home to see a swarm of police cars and the fire department, Henry continued to enjoy the holiday.

“I just continued my regular visit to the zoo, ate the fries, walked him home,” Henry said. 

Henry’s neighbor, Janice Hollowell, also took a hit. 

“I was in here and then went into the bathroom to comb my hair when I heard the boom,” Hollowell recalled.  “I didn’t know what the boom was until I opened up the door and then saw that, ‘oh the boom is here,’” Hollowell said with laughter.

But like Henry, Hollowell remained cool, calm and collected, both saying the true miracle is that no one was seriously injured.

“The big thing is, thank God those kids are alive today,” Henry said. “This can be fixed.” 

“I don’t care anything about this. I care about that young man and young lady leaving here with his mom,” Hollowell said. “And even the driver, it was all about him being alive. That’s what matters.” 

Henry is a nurse and Hollowell is a chaplain for Kaiser Permanente. They both say their years of working in the medical field prepared them for everything.

The Sacramento Police Department told FOX40 that they do not believe alcohol played a factor in the crash, but speeding did.