‘It Was Beautiful’: Blind Teen Scores His First Touchdown

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MODESTO — At 13 years old, Jasen Bracy Jr. isn’t afraid of much, let alone playing football with his teammates.

“Any hit is a blindside hit to him, you know what I mean,” said Jasen’s father.

Jasen is completely blind as a result of retinal cancer at the age of 7.

While his sight was taken away, his love and desire to play football only grew.

“So, I called five different teams and all five said I can’t play,” he told FOX40.

Modesto Raiders youth football coach David Nichols didn’t want to tell Jasen no, so he invited father and son to come give it a try.

Bracy Sr. directs his son on the field using a microphone and a speaker inside his son’s helmet.

“Once the play starts, ‘Straight, straight, to your right,’” Bracy Sr. said. “He picks up most of it just listening. He can tell which way the play is going.”

This past Saturday, with his team 5 yards away from a touchdown, the play they called was for Jasen.

“You know, ‘hut.’ He gets the ball, the line stays tight and they kind of form a wedge,” Bracy Sr. explained.

“It’s like a wall and he can hide right behind there and it worked. The first time we used it, man, it was beautiful,” coach Nichols said.

“And one of my teammates said to spike the ball and I did that,” Jasen told FOX40. “The feeling I had was great because it’s my first touchdown in my first year of playing football.”

But that was just the tip of the iceberg for Jasen. He’s already on record as telling his coach he wants to throw a touchdown pass and record a sack this season.


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