SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — HVAC crews are working overtime as they say the extreme heat is causing lots of air conditioning units to fail. 

Some HVAC workers are putting in 15 hours per day to make sure people can get a break from the record-setting hot temperatures. For those who have no air conditioning on days like Wednesday, minutes can feel like hours when waiting for some relief. 

As energy providers ask people to set their air conditioning to 78 degrees, some residents in Sacramento have to make do without air conditioning. 

“That’s our raggedy AC that does not work,” Manolo, a Sacramento resident said. “It’s just not working.”

For HVAC workers like Cesar Alvarez who runs Rico’s Heating and Air, he said his crews can’t get to every call quick enough.

“I think the whole month has been brutal for us,” Alvarez said. “So yeah, and then this week is even hotter.”

It’s the hottest day ever recorded in Sacramento history. And with HVAC maintenance crews getting 50 to 60 calls for maintenance per day, some people without AC or having to wait hours to get any help.

Alvarez said he has his guys work overtime during this heat wave — sometimes 14 to 15 hours in a day because there are people struggling.

“Well, they need it. They need the AC going. It’s an emergency sometimes because we get to old people and you know, they cannot handle the heat,” Alvarez said.

For a few people living on Morse Avenue, all they can do is wait for someone like Alvarez and his crew to come through and bring some relief.