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CARMICHAEL, Calif. (KTXL) — Jesuit High School has a lot of good sports teams every year, but the boys volleyball team may just be the best yet. 

They recently cracked the Top-20 in the national rankings. 

“Four or five months ago, it looked like we may not get a season at all,” said Sam Oshita, a senior. “And then to come out and just get the start that we did, it’s been incredible honestly.”

This week, the 14-0 Marauders were ranked 16th in the county and 5th in the state. 

“Yeah, we were aiming for Top-20 since the start of the season, and now we can even go Top-15. So, that’s what we’re trying for next,” said Ethan Smith, a junior. 

But Top-15 is not their final goal.

“The teams’ goal is to finish undefeated. They want to go 18-0,” said Sara Marks, the head coach. 

Boys volleyball certainly does not get the same attention most other sports do, and surprisingly, the Jesuit team says they have to keep searching for respect on their own campus. 

“I’m really proud of our team for making a name for ourselves this year. Most people didn’t even know boys volleyball here existed,” said Vince Semon, a sophomore. “Like, I talked to my friends freshman year, and they were like, ‘We have a boys volleyball team?’ I mean, it was not heard of.”

“Yeah, I mean, they always look at me like … ‘Boys volleyball, really? Interesting choice.’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, I love it here.’” Smith said. 

Only about half of the high schools in the Sac-Joaquin Section have a volleyball team for boys. 

“People don’t know about boys volleyball until they get to high school, and I think there is the assumption that because with basketball and football and all the other sports they start when they are 5, 6 or 7 when they’re really young, it’s, ‘Oh, I can’t go out for volleyball because I’ve never played.’” Marks said. 

“It’s a super unique sport. And so, the kids that are playing it they kind of transitioned along the same time in high school, so you all kind of learn the game together. And you just grow, and it’s been awesome,” Oshita said.