‘It’s gotta stop’: Family of Upper Land Park shooting victims meet, pay respects to 7-year-old victim

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Two families came together Wednesday night after a man and young girl died in a shooting on Seavey Circle.

The families said they just wanted to pay their respect to 7-year-old Isabel Martin, and that what happened Tuesday night should not have happened. 

“Two lives lost. I don’t care what happened. What went down, it’s gotta stop,” said the victim’s brother-in-law. 

Sacramento police said the man they arrested for homicide, 22-year-old Tyrice Martin, not only shot the man but his own niece too.

Isabel Martin’s mother, Monica Delgadillo, said Tyrice Martin was aiming at the man who was unarmed but struck his niece by mistake. That man was identified by the coroner’s office as 42-year-old Clifford Hall.

“Tyrice just looked at that man, and he just, he shot. And when he shot, hit my daughter in the temple. She just …, “ Delgadillo said. “The ambulance lady told me do CPR on her. I was just screaming for help.” 

She said the two men had an altercation two days earlier. 

“He could’ve warned us. He could’ve told us to move. He could’ve done anything and he didn’t,” Delgadillo said. 

“I forgive my brother. I want you to know that brother. I still love you,” Isabel Martin’s father, Brandon Martin, said. “Now, my life and world is crushed, and your life is crushed cause you in prison. So, what we gain? What did we gain from this?” 

Both families needed healing Wednesday night. 

“I got to at least take three pictures with her, that I have,” Delgadillo said. 

“She was a beautiful person. She had life by the horns until this happened,” Brandon Martin said. 

On Monday, their family will celebrate what would have been Isabel Martin’s 8th birthday. 

“I’ma spend it with her birthday twin, and we going to have a wonderful time. Just a wonderful time,” Brandon Martin said. 

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