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SUISUN CITY, Calif. (KTXL) — A Suisun City police officer is out of a job and the police chief is apologizing after a tense interaction with a resident. 

The officer is accused of using inappropriate language with a man while investigating a crime that the man, Cyrah Hawkins, was not involved in.

Hawkins said he was shocked to see two officers arrive at his doorstep but even more surprised by how one of the officers spoke to him. 

He caught part of the interaction on camera. 

“The first thing that Officer Marler said to me is, ‘Is that your girlfriend or your baby mama?’” recounted Hawkins. “I’m pretty sure he said that because of how I looked. So, it’s not fair to me, to her or to anybody.” 

Hawkins said the officer, who identified himself as Cody Marler in the video, went on to ask him a series of questions while his wife and young children watched from the window.

“For lack of the expletive, he told me to eat a male private part. That’s because I was not answering any of the questions because they were not listening to me as I was telling them they were at the wrong address,” said Hawkins. 

The officers were also not telling him why they where there, according to Hawkins. 

That’s when Hawkins pulled out his phone and started filming. 

“I started fearing for my life because of everything that’s going on with black men in America. I just didn’t think it would show up at my front doorstep,” said Hawkins. 

The female officer in the video later explains they were there for a welfare check.

Police Chief Aaron Roth confirmed his officers were at the wrong address. 

“I mean, it’s horrible, frankly. The reality of it is is that’s not how we want to interact with our community,” said Roth. 

A public apology was issued on Facebook for what happened.

Roth said the male officer involved was with the force less than 18 months and was still in his probationary period. He is no longer with the department. 

“Things like this does not need to be happening on your front doorstep. It does not have to be us versus them,” said Hawkins.

Hawkins said he hopes the police will look at this as a learning experience to better train officers, specifically on how to deal with different races and cultures. 

“My daughter has been traumatized. My wife has been traumatized. I have been traumatized,” said Hawkins. “And it doesn’t have to be that way.”

Hawkins doesn’t want his 2-year-old daughter to have a negative impression of police officers. That’s why he’s hoping the female officer in the video will go back and introduce herself to show his daughter officers are there to help. 

“It’s basic humanity and everybody can just respect each other,” said Hawkins. 

The police chief said body camera footage of the incident confirms the officer used inappropriate language. Suisun City’s mayor says she plans to release the footage in the coming days.