‘It’s my worst fear’: Antelope family speaks out after losing home, dogs in fire

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ANTELOPE, Calif. (KTXL) – An Antelope family is speaking out after losing their home and their dogs in a fire Sunday. 

“And I just seen the fire in the doorway, and then I just thought what to do? Should I go through the fire and risk it all,” recalled 14-year-old Adnan El-Badry. “Then I thought, there is a sliding glass window, a sliding glass door, so I just went through there.” 

With his Antelope home being taken over by fire, Adnan, his sister Ruqyah and his brother made it out.

Two family dogs did not. 

“It’s mostly our dogs that I’m sad about,” Ruqyah said.

Mom Sue El-Badry, wasn’t home Sunday when her house went up in flames. A phone call about what was happening sent her rushing back to her kids with her mind racing.

El-Badry is a paramedic who has witnessed this scenario play out countless times.

“It’s my worst fear, I have thought about this happening,” El-Badry said. “Because I have seen how it has devastated other families.” 

Days later, the family’s home of around 30 years barely resembles its former self. El-Badry said that although her home was black and white, it had a much more colorful name: Sherbert, because it reminded the family of rainbow sherbet ice cream.

In the few days since the family lost nearly everything, they have been relying on friends and neighbors for shelter as well as all of life’s other necessities. 

“You are overwhelmed with how much you don’t have,” El-Badry said. 

Fire officials don’t yet know what caused the fire, only that it began behind the house.

FOX40 spoke with the Sacramento Metro Fire Department who were on scene Sunday and they said they are still investigating. 

Another paramedic El-Badry works with has set up a GoFundMe account to help the family out.

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