NORDEN, Calif. (KTXL) — Mother Nature didn’t disappoint with the most recent storm.

It came just in time for opening day at Sugar Bowl Resort — complete with even a little bit of sunshine. 

“Wonderful. Feels like it’s been snowing for months, but it’s only been snowing for a week,” said Roseville resident Kevin Banks. “But 6 feet is a lot of new snow. It’s beautiful.” 

And it’s been a long time coming. Northern California has gone dry for several weeks and needed the white winter weather.

At Sugar Bowl, there were 60 inches on the ground by Wednesday.

“It was a great opening day today,” said Drew Jackson, the director of marketing and communications at Sugar Bowl. “The snow is deeper and, probably, a better quality than we’d had for opening day in a really long time.”

It’s the kind of powder skiers and snowboarders love.

“We were praying for this and we got it. It’s perfect, it was powder,” said Leila Bogner, who lives in Walnut Creek. “There was powder, there was nice groom stuff. It was heavy enough that you didn’t completely sink down. Yeah, it’s perfect opening day.”

“It’s powder, so nobody skied on it,” Banks said. “A lot of untracked, soft snow. A lot of work, but a lot of fun.” 

This weekend, the sun is expected to shine on skiers and snowboarders.

But the resort said the roadways could be treacherous and has told visitors to take their time getting there.

“We want you to get here safely as well,” Jackson said.

With the next storm, the resort is expecting another foot or two of new snow.

They ask that you purchase your ticket online a day in advance.