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Jim Laughton used to have a front yard, until the Butte Fire broke out and his wife became a godsend to those with animals in Amador and Calaveras Counties.

“Bless her heart, she wanted to help, and now I have animals in what was my front yard,” said Laughton.

The horse boarding ranch right next to the Raley’s Supermarket in town has been in the area for generations. At the moment, it houses about 200 horses, 100 goats, 100 donkeys, 200 chickens and a slew of other animals, either brought here by their owners who had evacuated from the Butte Fire, or had their animals rescued at some point.

Along with the animals, volunteers have been showing up in the hundreds as well.

Greg Finkelstein heard about what was going on and drove up from San Mateo.

“We just had people doing what they could, and over the last couple of days we’ve become much more organized,” he said. “It’s been amazing. The support and help has been amazing.”

The Laughton Ranch is looking for help with supplies and locating owners of animals. See the contact information below:

EVACUATION HOTLINE: (209) 273-9344
DONATIONS: (209) 256-9796
FOUND ANIMALS LINE: (209) 273-9591