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SACRAMENTO — Republican candidate for California governor John Cox rolled into the Sacramento area as part of his statewide bus tour.

The theme of his campaign tough to miss.

Cox says his mission as he travels to different cities is to let voters know “help is on the way.”

“It’s all about affordability,” Cox said. “How can I live when I can’t find a house I can afford or an apartment that I can afford, or my gas is climbing to almost $4 a gallon if not over it in some parts.”

Cox has an uphill battle to defeat democratic frontrunner Gavin Newsome. The latest polling from PPIC has cox trailing the current lt. Governor by 12 points. But Cox doesn’t seem too concerned about the math. He says voters in this state are looking for leaders who will improve their daily lives.

“Who’s going to deliver change? That’s really what it’s about who’s really going to change the results, the affordability, the infrastructure, the water situation,” Cox wondered.

And if elected, Cox knows, he’ll have to work with democrats in the legislature to deliver that change.

“In the business world I’ve had to work with people that didn’t agree with me on everything, but I had to get things done. And that’s the way I’m going to do it with the legislature,” Cox stated.