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SACRAMENTO — Several hundred people took to the streets of Sacramento Wednesday night, protesting the Sacramento County District Attorney’s decision to not prosecute the officers who killed Joseph Mann.

“So we want to always bring attention to the root of the problem, and if there’s a pattern with this DA, that DA needs to not be elected again,” said Sonia Lewis, a member of Black Lives Matter Sacramento.

On July 11th, Sacramento Police officers John Tennis and Randy Lazoya opened fire on Joseph Mann, hitting him 18 times. At the time Joseph Mann was suffering from a mental episode, according to his brother, Robert Mann, and he didn’t comply with the officers’ orders.

“The officers made the decision to be judge jury and god at that point in time, it’s unfair, it’s unlawful, and changes have to be made,” Robert Mann said.

Mann and his family did reach a $719,000 settlement with the city on Feb. 2, according to the family’s attorney.

But he said for him and his family, it’s never been about the money.

“Money doesn’t replace life, so our whole objective has been from the very beginning is to get some transparency and accountability in Sacramento,” Robert Mann told FOX40.

Protesters blocked intersections along I and J streets as they marched downtown even trying to shut down an Interstate 5 on-ramp, before officers blocked them.

“A lot of these people didn’t know my brother, but they’re here to support my brother, that’s powerful,” Robert Mann said.

Many hope demonstrations like this will bring reforms within the police department, especially in the way officers are trained in dealing with the mentally ill.

“Long term we’re just looking for protocols to change we’re looking for when they respond to calls to take action only when it’s necessary,” Robert Mann said.

According to the DA’s report, Mann was under the influence of methamphetamine and refused officer’s orders to put down an object in his hands believed to be a knife. The report also stated he made threatening comments to the officers.