Police release sketch of suspect in attempted sexual assault at Davis apartment

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DAVIS, Calif. (KTXL) – Police are still searching for a male suspect they say ran off near the Octave Apartments on Drew Circle after attempting to assault a young woman who was alone in her apartment.

A neighbor who witnessed the incident says not only was this traumatizing but shocking because it happened in broad daylight.

“I just hear a girl screaming, ‘somebody help’ like really loud,” UC Davis student Alyssa Catap told FOX40.

Catap didn’t think she’d have to jump into high alert at 10 a.m. Thursday while walking her dog, but that’s what happened when her neighbor said she was nearly assaulted.

“You don’t really expect something like that to happen in the morning and it was also really random in my opinion,” Catap said.

Deputy Chief Paul Doroshov says a young woman told officers a man was outside, standing at her back sliding glass door and asked for a drink of water.

Davis police released a sketch of a man they say ran off after attempting to assault a young woman who was alone in her apartment. (Courtesy Davis Police Department)

She went to grab a face mask, only to find the man made his way inside her apartment.

“He asked her to go into one of the bedrooms, she refused, he grabbed her, then tried to take her into one of the bedrooms, she was able to overpower him and get him out of the door,” Doroshov explained.

Doroshov says unfortunately this isn’t the first attempted sexual assault case they’ve investigated in this college town, however, the circumstances are still alarming.

“Normally a vast majority of those are acquaintance-type incidents, to have a stranger-type case is very, very rare,” he said.

Directly behind the apartment complex where the incident took place are a popular running path and greenbelt area that sees a large amount of stranger foot traffic every day. Because of this, Doroshov says people should take extra precautions.

“Have something extra in that sliding glass door, some people use a wooden dow to stop the door from opening,” he said. “Get to know your neighbors and watch out for your neighbors.”

Catap agrees that people, especially women in the area of Drew Avenue, need to be on the lookout.

“My car got stolen of the catalytic converter, my friend’s car got smashed,” Catap explained. “Just be super aware.”

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