‘Just come forward’: Fairfield woman pleads with driver who hit, killed her mother

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FAIRFIELD, Calif. (KTXL) — A Fairfield woman continues to grapple with the thought of someone hitting her mother with a car and then leaving her on the side of the roadway. 

“She was just left there,” said Cora Stewart, the victim’s daughter. “You know, you wouldn’t do that to an animal. And it just makes me sad.” 

Investigators told Stewart the accident happened Thursday night along Cement Hill Road and Laurel Creek Park. 

A neighbor noticed Cora Stewart’s mother, Namie Stewart, lying in the street and contacted police. 

No one has taken responsibility. 

“Just come forward. There’s no ill will,” Cora Stewart told FOX40. “No bad intentions. That’s not where we’re at. And that’s understandable. If it was an accident, it happened.” 

Cora Stewart says her mom died after doctors tried desperately to save her. 

“I’m so used to hearing her voice. And not hearing it for the last couple of days has bothered me,” Cora Stewart said. 

Namie Stewart made Fairfield her home along with her husband in 1963, after he got out of the military and continued to work at Travis Air Force Base.

So, Cora Stewart says it wasn’t unusual for her mother to be walking around even at night, because she was a night owl. 

But when she did’t return to the house after several hours, Cora Stewart went to her mother’s house a mile away. 

Namie Stewart wasn’t at her home. 

Cora Stewart says she called police but they had nothing to report. 

“And then about 45 minutes later, I get — you know — that really loud knock,” Cora Stewart said. “‘Oh, the police got her and they’re bringing her in.’ It was the coroner, yesterday morning, yeah. And he just said she was involved in a hit-and-run accident.” 

Cora Stewart says not only is Namie Stewart missed by her family, including her two sons, but she is missed by her community. 

“People loved her. She was friendly. She talked to everybody. She was extremely personable,” Cora Stewart said.” She loved everybody.” 

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