Karen Garcia Case Gets National Platform Through ‘In Pursuit with John Walsh’

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COLUSA — It’s been more than a year since Karen Garcia was killed.

But Linda Quintero, Garcia’s friend, co-worker and upstairs neighbor, still gets choked up when she remembers the good times.

Quintero and her husband, Johnnie, shared many memorable times with Garcia and Salvador Garcia. They were all close.

So, naturally, they were there for Salvador when Karen went missing.

“The very last thing I did was give him a hug, tell him I love him and be strong and that he could get through this,” Johnnie Quintero said.

However, when Karen Garcia’s body was found inside her car at a parking lot in Woodland in January of last year, the prime suspect named was Salvador, the father of her young child.

After months of dead-end leads, many on social media hoped Karen Garcia’s story would somehow get out nationally and urged Linda Quintero to get America’s most wanted frontman, John Walsh, involved.

“And we’re like, we have no way of knowing how to get in contact with him,” Linda Quintero said.

But then last summer, Walsh’s staff got a hold of them.

“We were like, ‘Oh my goodness, like this is this is gonna be like the biggest help in the world,'” Linda Quintero said. “He’s helped crack so many cases and it was just like a big … it was unbelievable.”

Karen Garcia’s family, along with the Quinteros, were featured in the “In Pursuit with John Walsh” episode. Each shared personal insights of Karen and her accused killer.

“Although this show may be big, millions of people are going to see it, I would hope that we catch him soon,” Johnnie Quintero said. “Deep down in our hearts, that’s what we want. We want him to face justice.”


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