(KTXL) — Kelly Green, also known as Kelly Kay, announced she was pregnant Monday with late Sacramento native Spencer Webb’s baby.

“We created an angel before heaven gained one all you ever wanted was to be a father…I know you’ll be the best one from up above. Can’t believe I have to do it without you but knowing I’ll have a piece of you keeps me going. I can’t wait to meet the person that’s half you, half me. I love you forever, both of you,” Kelly Green said in an Instagram post Monday.

Webb was a football star at the University of Oregon before passing away after falling and hitting his head at a popular lake in Oregon on July 13. Before attending the University of Oregon, Webb was a student at Christian Brothers High School in 2016.

Webb was loved by many both in the Sacramento community and in Oregon.

“He’s the kind of soul who always puts everybody above himself, and he’s so loyal to the people in his life. He’s supposed to be this big football player — this star. He’s an athlete, but being so close to him we got to see who Spencer really was. And he just literally would give the shirt off his back to anybody. He always put everybody before himself in everything that he did,” Green said in an interview with FOX40 after Webb’s passing.