Lake Tahoe recedes to lowest level in 4 years

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SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. (KTXL) — Lake Tahoe just dealt with the Caldor Fire. Now, the lake and its surrounding communities are dealing with yet another issue — the lake’s water level.

Lake Tahoe is at it’s lowest level in four years, falling below it’s natural rim and concerning both scientists and business owners.

UC Davis Co-Director for Watershed Science Jay Lund explained why that’s significant.

“Currently the inflow into Lake Tahoe is less than the evaporation of the lake into the atmosphere,” Lund said. “That means the level of lake Tahoe is going to keep going down.”

Water evaporation is typical for Lake Tahoe, but the level at which the water is receding this year has him and others concerned.

Anthony Spatucci is the owner of the Tahoe Paddle Sports and Clear Kayak Tours. While he and his businesses are doing fine, he worries the region will suffer without more help from mother nature in the form of rain.

“It helps everybody in general because in Lake Tahoe you’re coming up for the lake, so the more water that’s out there the better,” Spatucci said.

Otherwise, less water potentially means more hazards.

“A lot more rocks stick out, and a lot more features start to become dangerous — especially for boaters,” Spatucci said.

Paratee Kummar hopes the lake will be around for years to come for his kids to enjoy.

“Over the time when the kids visit this lake, they will visit this lake and nature’s beauty,” Kummar said. “Definitely we want to visit every year.”

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