(KTXL) — In Washoe County near Lake Tahoe, a bear found itself in a peculiar situation. 

In a social media post, Washoe County Sheriff’s Office said deputies responded to a call of a bear trapped inside a vehicle parked outside a home. 

The video shows officials quickly coming up with a plan to release the bear that involved string, a car door and a willing deputy. 

One of the deputies tied one end of a string to the door closest to the bear before creating a healthy amount of space between himself and the car. 

The video captures the moment the door is opened with a tug of the string and the bear exits its temporary residence. 

In the video’s caption, officials said, “Spring is an active time for our Tahoe bear population and a good reminder to be bear-aware when enjoying the beautiful outdoors.” 

Officials also took time to remind the public of some tips to help prevent unwanted encounters with bears. 

“Be mindful of food wrappers, coolers and scented items in vehicles. Avoid leaving food in cars. Don’t leave garbage outside, and dispose of trash inside bear-proof designated receptacles,” officials wrote. 

But their most important tip? 

“Do not feed the bears!”