(FOX40.COM) — Residents in parts of South Lake Tahoe may have an easier time finding parking this ski season as the lakeside city announces a new parking permit system.

Last year’s winter storms brought several feet of fresh powder for the Sierra ski resorts, but it also limited the amount of available parking in the city and brought countless visitors to enjoy the slopes around the small lakeside town.

Now the City of South Lake Tahoe is unveiling their Residential Parking Permit Program in portions of the Heavenly Valley neighborhood.

“The Heavenly Valley neighborhood has experienced increased congestion and parking impacts during winter months,” the city wrote in a news release.

This new program will include seasonal no-parking zones and seasonal residential permit zones.

The seasonal no-parking zones will close off one side of streets that become inaccessible when vehicles are parking along both sides. Some streets may not allow parking on either side if they are very narrow.

These no-parking zones will begin on Nov. 1 and last through May 1.

For South Lake Tahoe residents who live in areas with trouble parking, designated resident parking spaces will be available for those in the permit program.

In order to acquire a permit, residents in the designated areas must visit the South Lake Tahoe Police Department and display the permit in their vehicle.

If unauthorized vehicles are found in no parking zones or resident permit zones they will be subject to a $300 fine.